We've helped over 13 thousand patients cure their chronic pain. No Drugs, No surgery. Just relief.

No health related issue affects more people than chronic pain. 
Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel... they affect your ability to work, to play, to be who you want to be. Mitchell Yass has revolutionized how pain is diagnosed and treated. He has helped thousands of people resolve their pain and return to normal function.

Patients often find Mitchell Yass after being mis-diagnosed, and incorrectly treated, by other doctors. As a result, his goal is that people around the globe learn how to differentiate what is truly causing their pain - so that they can finally begin to heal.

Through proper understanding, the Mitchell Yass Personalized Pain Resolution Method can be implemented to resolve the pain quickly and effectively without drugs or surgery. Yass believes that the medical community and the population must be presented with one, unified method that is proven to achieve the goals of those who would like their lives back.